As the global leader in maritime LPG, BW LPG’s mission is to deliver clean energy in an environmentally challenged world. Our commitment to sustainable operations entails being a good corporate citizen in the many countries we operate in. To this end, we have established and maintained an integrated and holistic approach to Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality across our operations. These efforts are critical to the operational and commercial development of our business.

An integrated sustainability programme

We have established a holistic Health, Safety, Security, Environment and Quality (HSSEQ) program across our operations.BW LPG’s key priorities in its sustainability programme are aligned with ten universal principles of the UN Global Compact.

Safety at BW LPG

BW LPG’s holistic safety management policy is built on the pillars of training, strong processes and having the right tools. We strive to provide the safest work environment possible for every employee. Our safety management policy is made up of the following:

We improved our safety records in 2016, as we recorded a 12 month average Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF) of 0.59, a reduction from 0.75 in 2015. The Total Recordable Case Frequency (TRCF) has seen a reduction to 1.32 from 1.95 in 2015.

“The most important element of Zero Harm is the human element. There is a fundamental drive to always have safety at top of our minds. Managing behaviour is critical for the success of Zero Harm.”

Pontus Berg
Senior Vice President, BW LPG Technical and Operations

Zero Harm Initiative

Zero Harm is an organisation-wide safety campaign at BW LPG. Its goal is to ensure safety remains the priority across our operations. At BW LPG, we believe the human element, training and communication are critical requirements for the success of the campaign and for raising safety awareness.

BW LPG CEO Martin Ackermann and BW LPG SVP, Technical and Operations, Pontus Berg onboard VLGC BW Carina with crew members.

Zero Harm

Visible Leadership

Senior leaders are engaged and committed to our work on safety – visible in all staff contact at sea and on shore

  • Management supports Zero Harm
  • Ship visits from Senior Management
  • On board safety meetings with ship crew
  • A fair culture

Learning from Incidents

We strengthen our systems in safety management and risk awareness continually, by applying learning from incidents

  • Case studies/ Reflective learning
  • Upgraded safety equipment & PPE
  • Root cause analysis (by TapRoot ©)
  • Training adapted to workplace requirements
  • Using Near Miss Reports as training material

Zero Harm Behaviours

We understand the importance to address both procedures and behaviours

  • Behavioural competencies
  • Resilience/ Reflective learning
  • Safety campaigns & initiatives
  • Risk assessment/ Change management
  • Navigational competence
  • Work/ Rest hour management

Security Initiatives

At BW LPG, we are committed to protect the security of our seafarers, vessels and cargo. Our counter-piracy strategy is guided by the principle of defence and we have measures in place to deter attacks and safeguard the well-being of crew on board. We were one of the first ship operators to implement the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code, which contains rules and requirements for carriers and terminals to significantly improve vessel and port security against international terrorism.

“Maritime security is a commitment we take very seriously; keeping our seafarers out of harm’s way, protecting our assests and keeping customer’s cargo safe.”

Prodyut Banerjee
Vice President, BW LPG Operations

BW LPG’s fleet security team follows a set of rigorous operational procedures, and relies on a number of intelligence resources to evaluate the risk of sea routes, and provide guidance on the most strategic route of travel.